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OUT'SIGHT: Works by Sylvain Malfroy-Camine


“OUT’SIGHT” is partly the work of Sylvain Malfroy-Camine’s honors project in his final year as an undergraduate student at UMass Boston, and partly work produced as a result of his journey to Venice and Europe during the summer of 2017 as recipient of the Ruth Butler Scholarship. This painting series is an investigation of the subjective experience of location. With context blocked out, the only reference to specific location is in how the site-specific light is evidenced in the sitter’s features. This notion of surfaces within the painting, however, is fiercely challenged by the frequent use of obstructions over the eyes of the self-portrait. There is no location, there is only a record of it.From the artist: When children are still very young, they are constantly learning how to negotiate the physical world. A game of peek-a-boo can be great fun, maybe because to a small child, it is not clear what exists behind the hider’s tricky hands. In stride with this innocent sense for absence, these paintings challenge illusion and what happens to an image (a self portrait), when its most expressive elements are no longer visible. In most of these paintings, the artist, a white male in three-quarters portrait pose, is ‘de-centralized’ by interruptions of abstract shapes; and while there is a violence in that juxtaposition, the prevailing notion is not of self-destruction, but of self-effacement.

Acknowledgements: The artist would like to thank his honors project committee who are: Profs. Victoria Weston, Elizabeth Marran, and Christopher Schade.

Thanks also to Samuel Toabe, Manuela DaCosta, Carol Scollans, Lorenzo Buonanno and especial thanks to Ruth Butler.

Capstone '17


University Hall Gallery, University of Massachusetts Boston

5.10.2017 – 6.23.2017

Capstone ’17 is a group exhibition in University Hall Gallery at UMass Boston of student artworks made during the course ART 380: Capstone.

Featuring artworks by: Nia Duong, Rixy Fernandez, Nate Heilman, Stephen Henderson, Joshua Mariano, Basil Nkenchor, Jonathan Obin, Jesus Pizarro, Weronika Polska, Li Wang, Daniel Wong, and Eric Zeller.

About the exhibition:
Thirty-nine artworks by twelve artists from Associate Professor, Cat Mazza’s professional practices course have been selected to reflect the diverse approaches to art making in the Art Department at UMass Boston. These student artworks are exemplary in their technical and conceptual application, showing an engaged and varied set of artistic practices. Works on view present themes regarding aesthetics, art historical perspectives, and issues ranging from refugee cultures from around the world, identity politics, and gender dynamics, among others.

Student Artwork 2012-2017

VRC UMB PD2-enlarged.jpg

Selected works by students in studio art classes at UMass Boston between 2012 and 2017.

Published via the Visual Resources Center at the University of Massachusetts Boston via Shared Shelf.